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What is transformative marketing?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Transformative marketing is where a business that is looking to grow, gain efficiencies, utilise innovation and increase it's profitability does so by using knowledge, data and technology to create a marketing strategy that is shared throughout the organisation and one that has the customer at it's core.

Today's marketplace is ever changing, it's a different ball-game from 10, 5 or even a couple of years ago and trends seemly change overnight so how do you keep up?

Transformative marketing uses measurable processes, performance monitoring and seeks to optimise marketing investments to drive sustainable growth. The strategic direction is focused on creating value for the customer, aimed at turning transactional buyers into lifelong advocates and capitalising on those longer term relationships.

Holding the customer at the core of what you do ensures that you focus on aligning your brand with your target market and demonstrating why it is you do what you do and why your customers should care. By using the art of storytelling to create consistent core messages, your marketing strategy will be built around driving growth through adding value to your businesses' reputation.

Embarking on a shift towards transformational marketing?

Here's some tips to get you started:

  • Your brand story needs to be clear, simple and easy to understand by your target market. It needs to be aligned with the customer's wants and needs.

  • You only have about 6 seconds to make a connection - use it wisely.

  • Finding the right tools is the easy part, making a company wide shift to use them is something different

  • Look at the value each channel has, how it supports the brand story and influences sales

  • Use data to understand what your customers engage with and why

  • Fully understand the buyer journey and experience from their perspective

  • Test new ideas before they're fully integrated into your strategy and learn from failures

Create more impact with less effort, let's connect.

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